5 Big Ideas for Small Spaces


Mirrors make magic

Reflective surfaces in smaller spaces are the key to giving tiny rooms a more expansive feel. You can create this effect comfortably and stylishly with mirrors. Build a wall of mirrors in your living room and if possible position these across from a window. It will bring the outside in, creating another dimension in your living space. If your budget allows, consider creating a floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall in your bedroom or bathroom for a luxurious feel. When choosing freestanding mirrors, opt for mirrors with narrower frames for a more refined look.



White’s not always right

When deciding what to do with the walls in your small space, the colour you choose is less important than the finish of the paint. What you want in smaller areas is a light-reflecting paint that still gives you an elegant, smooth finish. Save the high-gloss paints for furniture and trims and select a wall colour with a low-sheen finish. You are now free to choose more vibrant shades of colour for your walls if white is too basic for you. Limit bold colours to a feature wall in larger areas, but go all out in smaller enclosed spaces like the kids’ bedrooms or the foyer.



Let the sunshine in

Nothing gives a small space a roomier feel than natural light spilling in through a window or door. If you’re not fortunate enough to live in a north-facing home, you will likely have dark and cold patches in your house. The trick to this is strategically placed mirrors, which will reflect and maximise the light you have streaming in. And, when all else fails, mimic the warmth of natural light through lighting. Halogen light bulbs are considered the best option in this case. These emit a warm white light and are much more energy-efficient than your typical incandescent light bulb.


Flower power

No garden or outdoor area, no fuss. Adding even the tiniest amount of greenery in your small space can be as uplifting as a day spent outdoors. Consider growing a batch of colourful petunias in a flower box just outside your window, or place a lofty Parlour Palm in a well-lit corner of a room or hang a cascading plant from the ceiling. Choose brass, silver or gold planters for their reflective surfaces – a bonus space-creating illusion. Bringing the outside in, is a failproof way to enhance the appeal of a small space.


Clear out the clutter

In a small space, you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid the feeling of the walls closing in on you. Luckily there are so many smart storage and shelving innovations available to keep your home fresh and free of clutter. In the kitchen, pair floating shelves with fixed cabinets. Display crockery, utensils, cookbooks and more with creative flair while keeping at hand just what you need for a neat and ordered effect. Floating shelves can free up valuable floor space in a cramped bathroom. Store toiletries and towels in baskets for a styled and cohesive look. In the bedrooms, you can build storage to your needs with DIY storage solutions to keep clothing, shoes and toys off the floor and out of sight.


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