5 tools every braai master needs

Summer is in the air. If you didn't know it, all you'd need to do is step outside and smell the thousand braais being lit to welcome the new season. Truth is, if you’re a real, hardcore braai man, you will braai all year round – through the rain and hail. Braaiing for you is more of a sport, a profound act of passion and a deep source of pride, and we write this blog post just for you.


It's all in the coal and timing

The good fire is a key part of the braaiing experience. If you want to get the most enjoyment out of your braai, a bag of coals just won’t do. Different kinds of wood create different types of coal which vary in how heat is retained and ultimately how well your meat is cooked. You’re likely to get many recommendations but the resounding favourite has to be Rooikraans. Key tip – if you want a smokey flavour but no time to haul the smoker out of the garage – throw a few Weber Hickory Firespice Chips on the fire.



Ditch the marinade

Any self-respecting braai master will never rely on store-bought marinade to flavour his meat. A true braai master adds his own stamp of flavour with a secret recipe of herbs, spices and condiments. Find all your secret ingredients here.


Treat your meat right

Treating your meat right is the first step to ensuring a perfect braai. Massaging meat helps to lengthen and soften the muscles, giving you that melt-in-mouth texture you’re after. Rubbing spices and herbs and other flavourings further tenderizes the meat.



Rule of thumb

Cooking meat to perfection, especially steak or lamb chops is the mark of a true braai master. If you survive on pure instinct alone, then good for you but if you need a little help in this department read here for a nifty little rule, which literally uses your thumb to indicate when meat is cooked to just right.


One tool to rule them all

A braai master will have a number tools in his braai arsenal. But the most important tool is without a doubt the humble braai tong. A braai master knows that the secret to juicy, flavourful meat is never to poke the meat – all the juices will seep out. The only time he’ll ever use a fork is when he is sitting down to eat and not turning the meat. Find your perfect pair of braai tongs here.


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