Your Guide to your Best Black Friday yet!

  1. Make a List

Long before the day arrives check out the websites, social media accounts, catalogues and leaflets of your favourite stores. It’s also a great idea to subscribe to the newsletters of these stores to stay on top of what is going on sale. Make a list of all the items you want and list these in order of priority and set your overall spending budget.


  1. Big Ticket Items First

Items such as TVs, home appliances, sound equipment, tech and furniture should go to the top of the list. Here you can look forward to killer deals with the biggest savings. Items such as bulk grocery deals should still be a priority but move further down the list.


  1. Strategy

Make Black Friday a team effort and enlist your partner in the mission. Split the items on your list, so you can divide and conquer on the day. Split Big Ticket Items from Bulk Grocery Deals and decide who will tackle which stores on the day. Get there early!


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  1. Stay Focussed

When those doors open, you’ll be tempted to stop and view all the various deals on offer. Don’t make impulse buys. These are generally the most regretted purchases so keep your head down and make a beeline for your designated aisle and clinch that deal you’ve had your eye on.



  1. Save Even More

When you shop with your Money Credit Card at any of the Makro, Game, DionWired and Builders stores, you get up to 3% back on your card. That means more savings on top of your Black Friday discounts. What could be better than that?


  1. Don’t forget Cyber Monday

Remember, Cyber Monday is another chance to take full advantage of this fantastic weekend of savings. So strategize even further by splitting your purchases across the four days into categories and in order of importance. Set aside a portion of your budget as new products will become available.


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